Collection: Beats by Pro

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Beats by Pro: Elevate Your Sound with ProHoeZak's Signature Collection

Welcome to "Beats by Pro," a curated collection of instrumental masterpieces by the maestro himself, ProHoeZak. Immerse yourself in a sonic universe where authenticity, innovation, and rhythmic brilliance converge to redefine the hip hop experience.

Key Features:

  • Signature Soundscape: Dive into ProHoeZak's unique world of beats, where each instrumental tells a story of its own. From soulful melodies to energetic rhythms, "Beats by Pro" offers a diverse range to suit every creative journey.
  • Authenticity in Every Beat: What sets "Beats by Pro" apart is the commitment to authenticity. Crafted with live instrument samples, each beat is a testament to ProHoeZak's dedication to genuine artistic expression, rejecting generic pre-recorded loops.
  • Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Licensing: Choose the licensing option that suits your needs. With an Exclusive License, you own the beat exclusively—no one else can use or resell it. Opt for a Non-Exclusive License if you prefer leasing the beat, allowing resale and flexibility.
  • Emotional Resonance: ProHoeZak's beats are more than music; they're an emotional journey. Whether you seek laid-back vibes or energetic rhythms, "Beats by Pro" triggers emotions, making each track a canvas for your creative expression.

Licensing Options:

  • Exclusive License: Own the beat exclusively; it cannot be resold. Perfect for those who want a unique and unshared musical experience.
  • Non-Exclusive License: Lease the beat with the flexibility to resell it. Ideal for artists looking for budget-friendly options without compromising quality.

Why Choose "Beats by Pro":

  • Live Instrument Brilliance:Crafted with live instrument samples for an authentic sound.
  • Diverse Collection: From laid-back to energetic, find the perfect beat for your style.
  • Flexible Licensing: Choose between Exclusive and Non-Exclusive licenses for creative freedom.


Elevate Your Sound with ProHoeZak's Beats—Your Journey Begins Here. Purchase "Beats by Pro" and redefine the boundaries of your music.