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The Maestro Behind the Legends

Unveiling the Genius Who Crafted Beats for Icons

Embark on a musical journey with ProHoeZak, the mastermind behind beats that have shaped generations.

From crafting beats for 2Pac to collaborating with Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E-40, Too $hort, Flavor Flav, Public Enemy, Sugar Ray, and a myriad of other music greats, ProHoeZak's sonic genius knows no bounds.


The Maestro Behind the Music

Immerse yourself in the remarkable journey of ProHoeZak, the multi-talented producer and performance artist crafting a sonic legacy. Discover why the music industry's elite choose him to bring their sonic visions to life.

About ProHoeZak

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Welcome to "Beats by Pro," a curated collection of instrumental masterpieces by the maestro himself, ProHoeZak. Immerse yourself in a sonic universe where authenticity, innovation, and rhythmic brilliance converge to redefine the hip hop experience.

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ProHoeZak Proudly Presents

The Platinum Collection:

Masterpieces by the Maestor

Snoop Dogg x G-Star Raw | "Say it Witcha Booty" | Produced by ProHoeZak

Snoop Dogg | "Say It Witcha Booty" | Produced by ProHoeZak

Snoop Dogg | "Roaches In My Ashtray" | Produced by ProHoeZak

Snoop Dogg | "Get My Money" | Produced by ProHoeZak

Too $hort, Lil Duval | "Big Sexy Thang" | Produced by ProHoeZak

Too $hort Featuring E-40 | "Ain't Gone Do It" | Produced by ProHoeZak

E-40 X ProHoeZak

E-40 Featuring Suga Free and ProHoeZak | “19 Dolla Lapdance“ | Produced by ProHoeZak

droop-e Featuring E-40, Berner, and ProHoeZak | "Give Me a Light" | Produced by ProHoeZak

ProHoeZak Proudly Presents

ProHoeZak Hall of Fame


ProHoeZak Proudly Presents

Behind the Beats:

The ProHoeZak Chronicles

ProHoeZak's Musings: Sound, Soul, and Stories Unveiled

ProHoeZak Fan | Skating to 19 Dollars For A Lapdance

ProHoeZak Reveals Different Things E-40, Snoop Dogg & Too $hort Like In Their Beats

Suga Free & ProHoeZak Live | "19 Dollar Lap Dance"

ProHoeZak in the Lab with E-40

2 Pac Shed So Many Tears Meet The Real Producers

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